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Sunday, January 13, 2013

I want a LARGE sized crockpot!

   By 'LARGE', I mean 18 quart, which is the size of most large roasters. Roasters are nice, don't get me wrong, but they do NOT cook the same way that crock pots do. Thus cooking large batches of soup, or spaghetti sauce, etc. in them does not come out the same as if you had cooked it in a crock-pot.
   I have looked and looked, both in stores and on line, and as far as I can tell, they do not make truly large sized crock-pots. :-[  I want that changed!!!  Therefore, according to and because of, I am starting a letter campaign.
   From the researching I've done, it appears that actual letter campaigns get far greater attention and thus results than petitions do. And  HANDWRITTEN  LETTERS  score at the top, especially when they arrive in bulk.
   Seeings how I really want one, I am taking up the task of heading up such a campaign. The top four crock-pot producing companies are, Rival, Cuisinart, Kitchenaid and Westbend. I would like to target all four. I also plan on letting each know that we are sending the requests to all four. Hopefully, that will incite them to try and be the first one with the new size available on the public market. Hopefully, their big new promo for next Christmas!

    If you too would like to own such a sized crock-pot, will you please join me in my campaign? Via the Post Office, send me four hand written copies of your letter. In them, state that you would like to own such a product (be very specific!). State your name and home address. And include that you would like to have one by next Christmas, to use at your holiday gatherings.
    I will separate the letters into binders and send them to the 'product research and development' departments of all four companies.
   The plan is to send them out before the end of March, so write one copy of your letter every day this week and mail them out to me by Friday!

    PLEASE send this on to any of your relatives and/or friends whom you think might also be interested. The more participants we have, the more likely we are to get paid attention to!

REALLY hoping this works!
Cheryl B.

I'm not including my address right now due to how many 'spam' hits our blog has been getting (3 or 4 a day!). :-[! If you WOULD like to participate, leave me a message requesting it, and if I find evidence that you are legit (as in from a regular blog, or something) I will be happy to send it to you.