We have had lots of struggles and challenges in our lives, but we've had even more blessings!

Monday, March 7, 2016

We witnessed the most romantic little scene

  It was within minutes of 6:00 pm last evening, when while on our way to something, we stopped for a stop sign and were ever so glad we had needed to. The road we were on was ending and we had to turn onto the street it ended at. Straight ahead of us, I spotted a guy helping somebody from a car in the driveway by the little house. It captured my attention. After a moment, it looked like he must be helping a lady out in a long nightgown. But I wasn't positive that was what the material I was seeing. I kind of shrugged and thought maybe he was bringing her home from the hospital. Then I was able to see more of the material, definitely not a night gown. And then, when she stepped free of the car, 'is it really?' my mind wondered. I turned to ask Brian, figuring we were still sitting there waiting for on coming traffic, but no, he too was lost in the unfolding scene.
  She was wearing a full length, no train, beautiful, creamish colored, wedding dress, covered around her arms and upper body by a white fur, tight fitting cape. Her hair was all done up and she was holding a small bouquet that seemed to be wild flowers or something. I really wanted to see it closer! Told Brian I wished the camera was in the car so I could zoom in to see 'details'.
   Smiling ear to ear, the young (to us) man, straightened up, straightened his suit jacket, offered her his arm and they proceeded up what must have been a sidewalk to the side door of the house. He unlocked the door, they talked for a moment, then grinning ear to ear he hurried back down the sidewalk while she stood waiting by the door. He jumped in the car, drove it to the garage at the back of the property, jumped out, said something to her while waving keys in the air and hustled to unlock the overhead garage door, opened the door, then hustled back to the car and backed it into the garage.
   We figured he'd come hustling right back out, but he didn't, to the point we wondered what he was doing. In reality, it probably didn't take him that long, but we were so wanting to see what was going to happen next and desperately hoping no car would come up behind us.
   The bride was standing next to the door waiting. She turned her head to look down the street a couple of times, seemed to shiver and pull her cape tighter a couple of times, once, we thought she had turned her head far enough that she spotted us, but we weren't sure. She was on the other side of what we're guessing to be a rose trellis (or maybe that description just fits the romantic-ness of the situation best ;-]).
   Finally, the groom appeared in the door way of the garage. He closed and locked the overhead door, then came hustling forward, wearing a small sized duffel bag over one shoulder and proudly holding a floral (almost gift shaped bag) up in the air with the other arm. He rushed towards his bride, beaming with happiness.
    When he got to her, she stepped back while he entered the house and sat the bags inside. He stepped back out, they said something, then he reached in to the house to sit the bouquet in there. Then he did what we had been wondering if he was going to do. He bent and swept his bride up in his arms and carried her over the threshold. They had disappeared in to the house.
   I giggled with happiness. What a cute, sweet, intimate, romantic scene, we had just been privileged to witness!
   Brian questioned if it had been a Sunday wedding. I said that maybe it had been Sat. and she had put her dress back on to arrive at their new home in. They had seemed to have overnight bags. Then again, her hair was all done up nice... .  
    We hope they strive to keep including little romantic touches in their marriage as they progress on in life.
    We thanked the Lord for the absence of other traffic as we continued on our way.