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Wednesday, April 13, 2016


   A song came on the satellite kids radio station we were listening to while traveling with 3 of our GRAND kids this past weekend, that Brian and I rated "JUST GREAT!!!".  I had pulled out my notebook and scribbled down the name of the singer and the song.  I was sure I could find it on YouTube or something and share it with all of my facebook 'friends' that I know are Harry Potter fans.
   I searched and I searched, but could not find one good link to share ;-\  However, through persistence, I did come up with a way for you to get the overall just of it.  [for the record, I am not techie enough to know if you can do this on your smart phones, or if you will have to get to a full computer to do so, but I think it will be worth your effort to do whichever way it takes ;->]
   First, open up a screen/tab for this web address - http://www.stevegoodie.com/kids/lyrics02.html  Scroll down quite a ways to the section with the dark blue back ground. The lyrics for the first song in that section is "Quidditch Ball Wizard". Don't start reading the words quite yet...
   Second, open up an additional screen/tab for this web address -  http://www.madmusic.com/song_details.aspx?SongID=508 in the gold square on the left, click to 'play sample'. Then QUICKLY switch back to the first screen/tab you had opened and read the lyrics while the music plays. Seeings how it's only a sample, the whole song does not play, but it plays enough for you to get a feel for the song and have it keep playing in your head while you finish reading the lyrics.
  "That magically inclined kid, sure plays a mean quidditch ball!" 

   PLEASE let us know if you too enjoyed (and even laughed) at it.

For purposes of giving credit where credit is due, the name of the song is "Mean Quidditch Ball" and it was written and performed by Steve Goodie. It is a Parody of "Pinball Wizard" by The Who.