We have had lots of struggles and challenges in our lives, but we've had even more blessings!

Monday, March 4, 2013

it all started innocently...

    The nights that I am fighting 'hot flashes' or fever (flu :-[ ) I either stay up late, or end up getting back up. The tossing and turning, throwing blankets off, trying to pull them on tight again, does interrupt Brian's sleep, even though he is sweet and claims it's no big deal and that I can stay in bed if I want to. But that's just rude, from my perspective, when I don't have to get up by a certain time and go someplace, etc.. So I thank the Lord for the internet and throw my blankets on and off while sitting in my chair, without bothering anybody else in the house.
    Last night was such a night. And lately the 'symptoms' have been lasting longer (:-[ ). So it was already 3:30a.m. when I tried to slip into bed. This time he didn't rouse at all. Sigh, 'good!'. I got all snuggled down before slipping my arm around him. Now usually, he kind of sighs in his sleep and backs up closer, while I smile in the dark. And usually lately, he's been wearing a thick shirt to bed, due to the way the cold air in the room bothers his arthritic shoulders. But last night he didn't have a shirt on. And I didn't find that out till I was slipping my arm around him... because instantaneously he was a couple of inches up in the air, making a startled squeaking sound. 
    I could NOT help myself. I started giggling. Uncontrollably. I tried to stop. Honest. But to no avail. "Sorry!! (giggle) I guess my hand really was as cold as it felt."  "HUMPH!" from Brian. (giggle - or two or three). "I thought you would have a shirt on". This low noise emitted from my husband, as he moved even further away and settled back into the bed and blankets. (Giggle. Told you I couldn't stop them!)  As he again made the sound, I realized that I had just woke up the man, who the boys use to fight over not having to wake up, due to how he jumped at being woke up and was all scarey. And I had done so by one small innocent touch of my cold hand. More giggling. Mixed with feelings of guilt. HONEST. And yet I could not stop giggling!
    Should I get back up I wondered? No, he will feel/hear that and get even more annoyed. So I fought ever so hard to stifle my giggles. Believe me when I say that it was not an easy task! Mercy.
   If I end up staying up late again tonight, I shall use the light on my phone to check and see whether or not he has a shirt on, before deciding whether or not I can put my arm around him.
   Brian, I  really  am  sorry!  (yes, I am again fighting the giggles over the whole thing. o:-D)