We have had lots of struggles and challenges in our lives, but we've had even more blessings!

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

I've sold wreaths :-}

    Back on March 20th of 2015, somebody had left this comment on our blog, "Heard you sold a wreath, tell us more about it".  That was right after I'd had my first order off my etsy shop. I waited to write it, so that I could include the comment from the buyer. Never got one. Which me, being me, made me question if they hadn't really liked it, o-r .... ? 
    Since then, I've sold several wreaths. Some were orders I shipped to unknown people. Some were sold to people I know in real life. Then recently, I received a message from a lady, inquiring if I'd do special orders and if I'd make extra large sized wreaths. My answer was yes to both.
    It turned out that she really liked one of the "spring grass" wreaths I have listed and she wanted two (2!) of them made on 30 inch frames.  I gave her a quote, she was fine with the price. She questioned if the shipping price was per wreath, or if they could be shipped together. I replied that I 'should' be able to ship both in one box for $__ . She answered that not only did she want to order two extra large wreaths, she also wanted me to go ahead and add her order to my site, so she could pay for it. I was thrilled!
   It took me a couple of weeks, but I got both wreaths made and a ride to the place I ship from. The next morning, I sent this message to the lady,
   "Your wreaths are on their way :-> They are coming to you via FedEx Ground Home Delivery Tracking #:______________ .
    Remember when I said, "By putting both in one box, it 'should' be able to go out for $55.00. " Well, I was wrong. W-a-y wrong 8-/. Turns out, that the size of the box needed, made a huge difference in the price of shipping it. While it wasn't very heavy, they charge for how much room a package takes up in their delivery vehicles. That, combined with the distance the wreaths were traveling, came to a shipping price of $102.17 . And that was the lowest price I could get amongst the various shipping options. I was literally stunned!
    I enjoy checking every day to see how far packages have traveled :-]"

   That cost for shipping not only stripped me of any profit, but also cost me. But I had set the price, so I sent them to her, figuring lesson learned. Turned out that God not only taught me a lesson, He also had grace planned out for me as well, because the very same day the lady replied, "I will be happy to pay the difference in shipping if you set up an invoice for me. I can't wait to receive the wreaths." I literally had tears of joy as I replied back, "Thank-you ever so much!! !! I will set one up as soon as I figure out how to do so ;-b" 
   I never did figure out the "how". Instead, Byron used his phone to take a picture of the receipt and I sent her this email, "Hi ____ :-]    Cheryl B. here.  I could not figure out how to set up an additional invoice on etsy. So instead, I'm sending you the info. this way. If you know how to go ahead and pay me through Pay Pal, please do. Otherwise, I'll give you my mailing address so you can send the money to me.  THANKS AGAIN for being willing to do this!!!
   The total for shipping was $102.17 - $55.00 (you paid) = $47.17  (difference)
    there should be a copy of my receipt attached to this email ;-] "
   She didn't know how to use paypal like that either. So I sent her my mailing address. Yesterday, I sent her this message, "Hi _____ :-]   the check arrived today, THANK-YOU!!  According to shipping notification the wreaths were delivered to you this weekend. Hoping you like them.   Cheryl B."
    Before I went to bed last night, I checked to see if she'd replied. She had. "I was gonna email you today.  I received the wreaths on Sat.  They are beautiful.  Thank you!! I am hoping to hang it this weekend as it's supposed to rain for the next couple days.  Thanks again."  I sent back, "your absolutely WELCOME!!!  :-]  and thanks for the compliment! ;->"
     I was so-o-o-o-o excited and happy last night, that it took quite awhile to go to sleep. :->  I'm still thrilled to pieces!!! 
    Here's the wreaths I made for her -

And here's the link to my shop -   https://www.etsy.com/shop/CraftedbyPinkbunnies

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Entertainment via Netflix :->

   Due to my now long (6 years) reining title of 'Ms. Vertigo' , I have watched a LOT of TV. It started off as just TV. Then a son got us Netflix. I not only learned how to work that remote while also having to work the TV remote (ours is hooked up via a Play-station system), but I also learned to navigate and find shows I liked. I've found  A LOT of them. o;-] Such as:

Netflix Shows (Series) I've Enjoyed:
Drop Dead Diva (the first few seasons)
The Glades (first few seasons)
Monarch of the Glen (several seasons)
McLeod's Daughters ( a slew of seasons!!)
Firefly (watch the show FIRST, then watch the movie Serenity)

Movies I've enjoyed that are on Netflix:
Quartet (watch the credits too!!!)

Shows (Series) I've enjoyed on HULU:

And recently, thanks to friends posting about it on Facebook, I've found another good way to search Netflix.

Lots of friends have asked me for recommendations, and I of course can always only think of one or two at the time ( 8-/)... now I can refer them to this list ;-]

I'm curious, what shows have you found and enjoyed?!!

Friday, February 5, 2016

An Elliot memory from Christmas break :-]

"What's on my mind?" An Elliot memory from Christmas break :-] 
   I had been up for awhile, was in the midst of making choc. chip cookies, when a young voice literally startled me from behind by saying "Morning Grammy". Without glancing back, I said, "Morning sweetheart". A very offended grumpy voice replied, "I'm not Analyse, I'm Elliot!". Bother! Trying to lighten things, I said, "We're you being funny and trying to surprise me by using your Analyse voice? giggle..."  "NO!"  S-i-g-h. And he's usually the happy one in the morning. I asked if he wanted to help me make cookies. "NO!".  Decided to keep my mouth shut and see what happens. He disappeared for a couple of minutes, then was back, playing just inside the dining room doorway with something.
   I had just decided that I'd made enough for whatever it was going on that particular day and was going to stick the rest of the batter in the fridge and start chopping onions, when Elliot wandered in and wanted to help with the cookies. I decided to see if we could do both. Usually, I have them grab a wad of dough and roll it into balls, but there's always the "is this the right size?" dilemma going on. I put parchment paper on a fresh pan and flopped a dozen blobs at one end, that way all he had to do was roll them into shape. I then started cutting onions on the other counter. This process worked good for the first two and a half pans, then he got a bit bored/ yet creative. He'd roll them into a ball, then flatten his hands and roll them out into more of a hot dog shape. After squishing it, he'd roll it back into a ball and with great flourish present it on the palm of his hand with a "ta-DA!". He is such a fun character!!!