We have had lots of struggles and challenges in our lives, but we've had even more blessings!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Seeing the new snow out the kitchen window this morning, wasn't really surprising. As I was standing there missing the sunny sky, a memory came to mind. A wonderful memory, which warmed my heart and made me chuckle.

Due to the sun actually shining, I had opened all of the living room curtains, two weekends ago while the GRAND kids were here. At one point, Mr. Elliot was standing next to me up on the yellow couch. He leaned out towards the bay windows and was looking around. Suddenly, he literally pops back in towards me and with scrunched up eyes and a puzzled expression asked me, "Grandma, who turned light on? Who turned light on?!". With a gleeful laugh I had answered, "God did. He turned the sun on." "The sun on?!?" he asked, with even more puzzlement in his adorable little face. "Yes, the sun is shining. We haven't seen a lot of it around here this winter, have we?" He had then leaned out towards the windows again, but only took a quick look before popping back again, then while climbing down off the couch, started asking where his 'glasses' were. Very quickly he was back, with his sunglasses on (upside down of course ;-p!) leaning towards the windows again. "Better!" he declared.

Oh Mr. Elliot, you yourself are a ray of sunshine. Just that memory of you, is warming my heart this morning. Counting down till when they are here again. . .