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Sunday, February 12, 2012

how I store my Tupperware (R)

    As many of you know, I am a huge fan of Tupperware(R)!!! No, I am not a distributor. Nor have I ever been one. Nor do I wish to become one. (I think that covered all of the bases.)  I just really, really, really, like most of their product line!
    Yes, they are a bit more expensive than some similar product lines. And yes, I actually have done controlled product comparison testing. I have taken a big batch of baked goods, put them into several different brand containers, sealed them up good and hid them from my guys (shhh  ;-p). I left them hid such for a period of two weeks. The hiding spot was in our basement. Did you know that 'picnic' coolers make wonderful controlled environment hiding spots? They do! In-fact, you can do your Christmas baking up the week after Thanksgiving, store it in Tupperware, in a cooler, in your basement and when you take it out the week of Christmas, the product still tastes freshly baked! ( <--- BONUS TIP there)
    Back to my experiment. We (Brian and I) were very surprised with what we found at the end of the time period. The product in one container was so stale and hard, we wrote it off as a loss and tossed it. :-[.  A second famous brand, while not as bad, wasn't good either. It was definitely on the verge of being totaled. And yet the product in the Tupperware container was just barely reduced from the fresh from the oven taste. Amazing!!
    For the record, the experiment was done with round containers of all of the brands. And all of them had been 'burped', like you're suppose to do with Tupperware round lids.
    So, as I said, I am a HUGE fan of Tupperware and made a Tupperware lady's month with the order I placed after our house fire, replacing all of my totaled stuff. Items which I had earned via hosting many Tupperware parties. I almost always took it out in regular product line rather than their hostess gifts. I couldn't always buy what I wanted, so I found a way to earn it. ;->
    Well here lately, I have been seeing lots of other bloggers doing postings about organizing different parts of their home. I have also found that lots of pinterest(R) pinners have boards labeled 'organizing'. So I figured I should start sharing some of the ways I organize things.
    I am an oxymoron. (NOT a regular moron!!! o;-p)  I am very creative and can make such messes in that their process. And yet to me, the mess is usually organized. On the other hand, I am a list maker, "detail orientated", when things get put away, it's in organized fashion in closets, or drawers, or even box's type of person. My biggest challenge, is that most of the guys in this house aren't 'organized' individuals. Sigh. I choose to love them anyways.

     As you guessed (the title probably clued you in ;->), today I am going to show you how I store and organize a lot of my Tupperware. It has been arranged like this for ten years now and I know it works good, because some family members get very agitated with other family members when they don't put things back right. (:->!!)
     This is up upper corner cupboard. Rather than getting lazy Susan's and storing other things in it, I chose it as a Tupperware cupboard and have been very happy with that decision.
    The middle of the bottom shelf holds various sized mixing and storing bowls. They can fit inside one another oh so nicely and even stack one set on top of another.   
     Different things are stored around the edges of that shelf. To the left inside the door is where little cups go. (That way they are easy to get to, to fill with Raisins or other goodies for Analyse. ;->) Behind that is an tall square container, on it's side. My box style metal grater slides in there ever so nicely and the Tupperware then protects your fingers when your getting something else off of that shelf. To the right  just inside the door are small oblong like containers. And then other containers. And in the corner in the back, is the stacks of containers which go with the hamburg press.
     The middle of the middle shelf is for the microwaveable Tupperware containers. I was so happy when they started carrying those! Around that shelf's edges are various other styles and shapes of small to med. size containers.
     The front of the top shelf is taken up by three baskets. Each basket holds different types of Tupperware lids. The one on the left is for med. to large size containers. The one in the middle is solely for the microwaveable containers. And the one of the right is for smaller to small container lids. Trust me, it is very easy to pull the middle container out with one hand and then get one of the other two out with your other hand if they are what you need.
     With lids sitting in a flat bottom basket like they do, it is easier to eyeball which sized lid is the one you need for the container you just filled.
     Here is a picture of the baskets sitting on a couch, so that you could better see what I'm talking about.
         Back behind those baskets of lids, is where I store the Tupperware beverage pitchers.  Pull the baskets out, use a pair of tongs, and wa-la! Easy!
      That was one cupboard. There are two more. o;-p
      This is the one underneath the silverware drawer.
       Actually, it's only one shelf of that cupboard. The shelf underneath it holds the crock-pots. But the Tupperware shelf holds medium to larger sized square and oblong containers. And there is a basket in there for their lids as well.

     The third cupboard is 'suppose to' have a shelf in it. But I like it better without one.
       Stacked in here, are my big metal and Tupperware mixing bowls, as well as strainers.  A couple of lids for them just sit along the side. Bend down, pull the stack part way out and get what you want out of the stack.

    I also have Tupperware stored in the basement. Like this -
    This particular bag contains a stack of Tupperware pie takers. Man do I like those things! For pies, though I usually wrap a clean dish or hand towel around the pie in the container. For Cupcakes. For cookies, stack them around the outside like your traying them (one overlapping the other) and go all of the way around. Then add more in the middle. For deviled eggs (just put down a couple layers of paper towel first, and do NOT double stack when transporting (don't know why this makes such a difference, but man does it!) For bar cookies. Put in a layer. Top with a piece of parchment or waxed paper. Add another layer.
     As you can see, I have several of them. But yes, I would like more. And yes, there have been many times I have borrowed additional ones from friends.
    Both the pie takers and the old deep style round cake takers (Oh, and the oblong cake takers too), are stored in large plastic bags on the shelf's in the basement.   
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
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