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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

at Brent and Kayla's

   Last Saturday we took Papa Honey up to see Brent and Kayla's new home and property.

   They have acreage. A garage, a shed and a small barn. Four goats, three dogs and two cats. Apple trees. A field of alfalfa. When they moved in they had millions of rabbits, their dog Ariel has since made them scarce.  A creek. Deer. And from the pile they found in their woods, there must be a bear.
   After the tour and lunch, we set to peeling and cutting up apples -

  Kayla was so thrilled to be making applesauce out of apples off their own property.
   We had to head home before the process was finished, but she posted  a picture of the finished process.
   While it is a bit of a daily drive for Brent to get back and forth to work, we're happy that they were able to get out of the city and hope that they are able to fulfill a lot of the 'plans' they have for the place. 

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