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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

The epitome of irony

   Facebook showed me a memory which I had posted there on Sept. 6th, 2015. I'm not going to re-share it there, but I will post it here.

   ""What's on my mind?" Yesterday I experienced the epitome of irony - Analyse and Elliot were arguing. I had let it go for a bit longer than I normally do, because what they were arguing about, was how much they loved me. Which turned into who loved me more. Analyse had said she loved me. I replied I loved her more., thinking that we were going into the little sparing game we play. But once Elliot joined in, Analyse just HAD to out do him. She said she loved me to the moon. He dittoed that. She said she loved me to _____ (a planet which is beyond the moon). Elliot said it was the same thing, because they were both up in the sky. She informed him that her's was further away from earth than the moon was, so she loved me more than he did. It was quiet for a moment. Knowing him, I knew he was thinking. Sure enough, he then declares he loved me to the milky way (not the candy bar type). She then had to set him straight about distances... they both love me. They were both declaring their love fore me. But the arguing about how much was building, so I had to put an end to their declarations. The epitome of irony, I tell you! :-b  "

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