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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

How to leave a comment on our blog

A friend (whom does not have a blog of her own) let me know that she tried to leave us a comment on our blog, but couldn't figure out how to... 

hi ________ :-)
    I just went to our blog and without signing in as the blogs owner, tried leaving a comment so that I could see it the way that you would.
    At the end of a posting, I clicked on __ Comments.
    The screen changes and it shows you that particular whole posting again, with the previously left comments as well as the box to leave new comments in at the bottom of the page.
   Click in the box and then type in your comments. Seeings how you don't have a blog of your own, please also sign your name, but feel free to abbreviate your last name if you'd like.
   Once your done with that, click on the little box directly under the comment box which states "Select Profile". Scroll down to the last one - "Anonymous" . Click on it.
   Then click on the button that says "Post Comment".
   The screen will then change, again showing you that particular posting, with your posted comment at the bottom of the page ;-).

   Visit us often. Comment often.

    If you use the box in the side bar to get our postings via email, then every time I post something on our blog, it will automatically be sent to you. Text, pictures, everything. :-).
    Once you start receiving them -
    If you'd like to leave us a comment on that particular posting, just click on the title of that posting (not the subject matter line up by the web address - but the the title right before the first paragraph starts) and you will automatically be transferred to that posting on our blog site.
   If you want to go to our blog, but not necessarily just that particular posting, then scroll to the bottom of the page of a posting you have automatically received, to the part where it tells you that this has been sent to you by The Bz House That Love Built - if you click on our name, it will take you to our blog.

Hope all of this helps! :->
Cheryl B.

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