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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

complimentary phone call ;-)

    When Byron called the other day, he had sounded really groggy and out of it. In what I thought was the background, I could hear Analyse making sounds. Then Byron's voice informed me I was on speaker phone. I took the cue and started talking to Analyse. "Hi Analyse, How's grandma's sweetheart? What ya doing?" That kind of stuff.
    Suddenly while I was talking to her, Boo started going ballistic at somebody he could see out our front window. "Boo!!!" "Hush! I'm trying to talk to Analyse."  That seemed to get his attention, because he instantly came over and with his head cocked sideways, gave me a ever so quizzical look. I tried holding the phone up to his ear while loudly telling Analyse to talk to Boo. Boo was not in favor of the phone next to his head, but the sudden motion of his ears and the change in his expression told me he had heard her voice. His then pawing at my leg, was full indication that I was suppose to pull her through that phone! :-)
    I went back to talking to Analyse for a bit, asking her if she was having fun with her dolly, etc., and for a short bit, she answered me. Then I heard her happy chatter fading away and knew she had headed into another room, to tell her mommy all about everything. ;-) Cyndi was being told about "gaa--ma" and "Boo" and other things I couldn't quite make out. ;->
    Suddenly Byron's still groggy voice is saying, "thanks mom, I'll talk to you later."
    "Wait, Byron, what did you originally call me about?"
    "To see if you could cheer Analyse up. She's been kind of whiny and cranky lately, and I thought maybe you could cheer her up. You did. THANKS! Now maybe I can get some sleep and she won't drive Cyndi crazy. Thanks again Mom!!! Love you. Bye."  click.

    Well all-righty then. :-D   So glad I could be of service!!! ;->  What a thrilling phone call, from this grandma's perspective! :-]

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