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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Lego's (R) and the Newsboys (R) together = AWESOMENESS!

    In the process of doing some research on yet another project I am working on, I stopped by the blog, 'Tee and Thee' this morning. Am I ever glad that I did!! Back on March 25th, Beth (the blog owner) had posted a You-Tube (R) link to the singing group Newsboys music video, which had been made using Lego's (R). The song she featured was 'Born Again'.
    As many of you know, we are HUGE Lego (R) fans!!! To the point that even though our sons were all in their twenties, they complained about no longer getting Lego's (R) for Christmas. This past December they were thrilled when the evidence proved we had heard them AND done something about it!
   And as for the Newsboys, ever since that camping trip when we took Mike Sw. Jr. with us, and the boys played, and re-played, and re-played that one tape of theirs, Newsboy's song 'Shine' has been my 'life verse'.  
    So, how could I not click to watch the video?!?  ( o;-> )
    Even though due to still being 'Ms. Vertigo' I had to close my eyes at points, the huge smile never left my face!
    Once that song ended, You-Tube (R) had another video available, featuring a Christian group and their music in a video made using Lego's (R). And then another, and another ....  I spent 17 minutes wearing a huge smile watching them. ;->  AWESOMENESS  I tell ya!!!

           Newsboy's - 'Born Again'

       Casting Crowns - 'If We Are The Body'

     Casting Crowns - 'Christian Life'
  (it starts out very similar to the, 'If We Are The Body' one, but hold on... ;->)

     while there were others, and this one isn't quite as good or involved as some, I couldn't pass up sharing -
      Newsboy's - 'They don't Serve Breakfast In Hell'
         (I hear some of you already singing it ;-> )
( o/~ "When the toast is burning, all the milk has churned, and Captain Crunch is waving farewell..." o/~ )

    Never would have thought that my soul could be encouraged and my spirits brightened, while sitting in front of my computer monitor, watching Lego's (R) perform.  o;-p  AWESOMENESS!

    God DOES work in mysterious ways! To the point that I was even reminded about some actions of mine, and convicted about them, during one of the songs.  Like a different song states, o/~ "Our God IS an awesome God!" o/~

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  1. came from Pam raw. via email - "loved the lego video...thanks so much for sharing..."


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