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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Two - change that to three things to tell you about -

   My 'plan' for this morning, was to tell you about a couple of recent rather comical 'Ms. Vertigo' related instances. But ya know how my 'plans' usually take turns... Yup. I got online and found out something about a friend, that I thought I would share with you too. I know ya won't mind.

   So, first incident -
    Shortly after dusk one evening last week, I was up laying cross wise across our bed. I just needed to rest my head and eyes, and was enjoying the wonderful slightly cool breezes while doing so. At the time, it wasn't raining. But you could tell another front was approaching, rather quickly even.
    At one point, as I was looking out the window, a bat suddenly swooped around the side of one tree, twisting and swooping between the branches of another tree, headed towards the house. The outside of the tree isn't even six feet from the side of the house. He got within maybe two inches of the outside of my window screen, then quickly turned and swooped off down the side of our house.GOODNESS!
    I don't mind bats. In-fact, I rather like them. As long as they are NOT inside my house, mind you. Why do I rather like bats? The way they fly is just so cool. Besides the fact of course, that I HATE mosquitoes.
   So seeing a bat that up close and personal didn't 'freak me out' or anything, after all he WAS outside. But oh the number he did on my already aching eyes. MERCY!
   Bat - 1 'Ms. Vertigo' - Yikes!  ;-p

   On to the second incident -
    Benson took Boo on a l-o-n-g *perambulation **along the river yesterday afternoon.
  (*perambulation - around here you can no longer use the word which has the letters w-a-l-k in it. Well, you can, as long as you don't mind Boo going instantaneously hipper with excitement on you. And as long as you DO plan to take him on one - immediately even!)
  ( **along the river - most people refer to the area as a p-a-r-k. But that too is a word which gets Boo ever so excited.)
  (and for the record - it has gotten to the point that if you use the word s-t-r-o-l-l, he cocks his head sideways, his ears start twitching back and forth, as though he's checking his antennas to make sure they really are tuned in right, he puts on a very happy expression, and oh is that tail a-wagging! We're pretty sure he's got that word figured out too. ;-p)
  When they got back, and after Boo had drank and drank and drank from his water bowl (it was a muggy type of hot here yesterday), he went in and started trying to scratch the top of his head against the couch. And then he sat down and scratched his back, but couldn't seem to hit all the spots he wanted, so he got up and started running his back against the edge of a couch. I took pity on the poor guy and gave him a good scratching. All over his back. And then on the top of his head. Usually, he will only tolerate that for a moment or two. That time, man oh man was I hitting the right spots. Silly dog.
    Once he let me stop, I got up and started out of the room. I decided to bend over and pick a couple things up off the floor, that belonged in the trash. Boo came forward to sniff what I was doing.  A-typical, not a problem. I had just started to straighten back up, when Boo, who was then not even a full two inches from my nose, decided to shake out all of the hair I had misplaced while scratching him. OH MY GOODNESS!!! That kind of motion, that close to me, while I was bent like that. YIKES!!! I ended up backing up and sitting back down. For awhile.
    Boo - itch taken care of, all hair in place, had adequate disbursement of energy = oh so happy dog. 'Ms. Vertigo' - "could somebody slow the room down please?!!". ;-p

  And now for the 'turn' (;-p) -
    My friend Karen Bek. announced via Face-book, that she has opened her own Etsy shop. Karen is a VERY talented seamstress! And her husband Rick is quite the carpenter. So I am sure that between the two of them, all types of beautifully crafted items might appear in that shop over time.
   But for now, Karen has listed a quilt she made. Machine stitched together, hand quilted. And it's beautiful!  Here's a link so you can go see it (and perhaps order it) for yourself --> Karen's Etsy Shop. (http://www.etsy.com/listing/75088212/cheerful-blue-yellow-hand-quilted-twin?utm_source=OpenGraph&utm_medium=PageTools&utm_campaign=Share)

  That's all for now folks -
   Wait, for those of you who get these postings via email - go to our site and look at the new 'Seasonal Smiles' now on our site ;->
   O-kay, I 'think' that's all .... o;-p

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