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Monday, May 16, 2011

For Analyse's upcoming 2nd Birthday

   Analyse's 2nd birthday is coming up in June :-)

       Here's a picture of her from her first Birthday Party.
   And here is a picture of her from last month.
                       (click on picture to see it larger / clearer)
   Cyndi's sister Emma is using fondant and baking the main cake, but they asked me to make some cupcakes too. As you know, Analyse L-O-V-E-S Elmo (R). But she is also very familiar with all of the Sesame Street Characters (R). So that is going to be the theme of this years party for her.
    Byron suggested that I make some Cookie Monster(R) cupcakes. I went google(TM) searching for Cookie Monster Cupcakes - I found some good ideas HERE  and  HERE.
   They had also previously requested that I make a banner. Humm mmm, should I try to sew one, or what? Again I did a Google search for ideas. I found several which inspired me.
    Banner ideas - HERE (craft style)- HERE - HERE - HERE (actually a card, but still triggered some ideas) - HERE - HERE  (another craft type one)
   This afternoon I am headed out for a l-o-n-g over due 'therapy time' with Robin P.. And I am also going to have my chauffeur (Amy ;-) )  take me shopping for materials one day this week. Think we'll try checking out the fabric store, the party supply store, the used book store, and probably Hobby Lobby(R) or Michael's(TM) for supplies.
    Right now I'm not sure if I want to make a craft banner, or a sewed one ... we'll see ...
    Also not sure if I can handle hitting all of those places in two days, or if it turns into  multiple days of hunting excursions.
     While doing my Google searching, I also found some whole party decoration ideas - HERE (a 'TON of details' party we can pick and choose from) - HERE (a site which is all about all types of themed parties!) - HERE (lots more ideas to pick and choose from) - HERE (I love the different colored table cloths!)

    Rest assured that I WILL be doing postings later on about what I did end up making, as well as about her party there and all. We are still deliberating also doing a party for her here.

   Vertigo or not - I am gonna be doing some fun crafting!!!

    For Analyse's birthday. And later this week, we are sitting down with Brent and Kayla and going over all of the details so far towards their wedding in Oct.. And figuring out more details. And I'm going to start working on the flowers for the wedding (silk).  And...

    The fun parts of being a Mom and a Grandma!! :->

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