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Thursday, May 26, 2011

a party invitation of sorts ... o;-p

We would like to extend an invitation to all spiders
and any other creeping or crawling critters,
whom are currently residing a-n-y-where in our home;
to the wondrous swirling party
still being held in the 'comode' of our bathroom.

Yes, this invitation is open to ALL spiders
whom are currently living in our home.
The little black jumpy ones,
the ones with the opulent color,
who almost match the color of our walls,
the long legged type and the short legged type.

It is also open to any and all other types of critters
who are not a part of the spider family.

And yes, flying insects, you too are welcome to come.
In-fact, we'd like to encourage you to do so!

We admit that this party has already been going on for awhile.
LOTS of your friends and family members
have already been escorted to it,
by one of our family members.
But we continue to find more and more of you
(on an all to frequent basis)
who have not yet joined the party,
and we thought perhaps the reason was
due to not having heard about it yet.
Therefore, we thought we'd use this method of notifying you.

We're sure that you will now hear,
seeings how we have found some of you
on the cord running into the side of the computer,
and even one on the keyboard.

As previously mentioned,
this invitation is for a wondrous swirling party.
We know that all of you like adventurous activities,
because we have observed you swinging
from one spot to another via your webs,
or buzzing our heads (if your the flying sort),
or dashing across the counter or desk top.
Thus we knew that you would want the party we host for you,
to not be the dull, boring, sitting around doing nothing, type.
We promise, it isn't!

For those of you whom aren't totally sure
which thing in our bathroom is the 'commode',
we  are only to happy to clarify things for you.

It is NOT the basket with all of the smelly clothing in it.

It is NOT the oblong thing with the blue curtain
hanging on one side of it.

NOR is it the bowl like thing,
which sits on a tall stand.

It is the thing sitting rather in a corner,
next to the window.

Just in case your still not sure,
we are including a picture of a 'commode'.
We know that some are 'visual learners',
and we REALLY do not want any of you still hanging around,
due to not being sure
exactly where the party is,
and thus miss being able to join it yourself. ;->

Yes, you are welcome to 'drop in' any 'ole time.
The sooner the better!
As we said, a LOT of your friends have already.

And no, please do not wait for one of us to personally escort you.
We will not be offended if you go on your own.
In-fact, it would lighten things up for us considerably!

Happy partying! 

['commode' picture found on line at: http://www.soil.ncsu.edu/lockers/Cox_F/images/Italy%20and%20Greece%202003/Perugia_Square_Commode.JPG]


  1. We have had the HUGEST spiders in our livingroom lately (seriously--so big they CRUNCH when we (the men) step on them. I hope you don't mind, but I've invited them to your party! :)

  2. And p.s. THANKS for sharing the love that is that cake pop idea--So sweet :)


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