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Thursday, May 19, 2011

My 'thrifty' quilt

   Okay so-o, yesterday I told you about the quilt blogging link-up event, that I stumbled upon at Amy's Creative Side. I had also shared that, "Originally, I thought I would go back and link up the quilt that I had made for Analyse, but the guide lines very clearly state new postings only :-[  Oh well"

    After doing said posting, I went back to the hosting site to start visiting some of the linked up postings, to get better looks at the quilts. At the time that I did so, there were seventy three (73) rows, with seven (7) link-ups per row, of quilts which had joined the party. That my friends, is a lot of beautifulness!!!
    I, of course, wanted to see all of them, so I came up with a hopefully workable strategy of how to do just exactly that. I would view the links in one row every day, working my way down the list. That would mean that for the next seventy three (73) days, I would be seeing a lot of inspiring beauty. Do ya get why I'm thrilled with my 'plan'? ;->
   Then I realized that the event will be open through the twentieth of the month, which means even more people will be linking up their quilts. Bonus!!! o:-)

    I found, as I visited the first row of link-ups, that the little pictures don't do the featured quilts adequate justice. Don't take me wrong, I'm glad Amy chose to use that form of a link-up, but once you see the quilts in larger size pictures, WOW!
    As I visited each site, I left comments. It was so easy to find things to compliment them on! I also shared how I wouldn't be linking my quilt up, seeings how only new postings were allowed. This morning when I signed on, my in box contained replies back from a couple of them, encouraging me to again do a posting about my quilt, so that I could include it. Anne, of Film and Thread stated, "  I think your use of thrifted materials would be really appreciated in this economy, so I hope you will do it!"
    Brian too had encouraged me to do another posting featuring the quilt and include it. So here it is -

     This then is just a glimpse (or the short story version) of the quilt I made last spring for our adorable grand daughter (and yes, I AM bias about her!!! o;->)
    If you would like to see the long story version, go --> HERE <-- . (I hope you DO go see the long version!)

     Instead of going to a fabric store and picking out material, I went to mission type stores and picked out clothing made from fabrics I wanted to use. The 'long story version' has pictures of both the clothing hanging on a line, as well as quilt square by square pictures of how I paired up the materials once it was cut from the clothing. There were ten (10) different combos, which I made two of each one, for the final quilt.
    The backing for the quilt was a nice soft cotton crib sized sheet, which I had also picked up at a mission store.
    The filler/liner was made from a mattress pad off of the bunk beds which we no longer had. It actually made the quilt feel more along the lines of a comforter than a quilt. Nice and warm!
     I had wanted the squares separated so they showed prettier. I found a solid soft pink colored flat sheet in my linen closet, from back when we had thought Jeannie might be moving in with us. It too had come from some mission store. I measured and cut that into strips to run both parallel and vertical between the squares. Nice! Thanks Lord!
    In the end, the finished quilt qualified as a "Green quilt", seeings how everything except the thread and yarn used on it, were recycled materials. o:->

     Here is a picture of the finished quilt:

     And this picture displays our grand daughter in her Easter dress in front of the quilt. She was one (1) years old at the time. Early in June she will be turning two (2). (So-o looking forward to seeing her then!)

    As I shared yesterday, " I am also currently pondering which of the 12 quit patterns that I have ear marked in the quilting books I had picked up at mission type stores, I am going to make for our soon to arrive grand son. Decisions, decisions .....  ;-p"  After venturing forth and bravely making the quilt for Analyse (pronounced Aun-a-lease), my "I CAN do this" level rose.

    This then concludes the 'short story version' about the quilt I made for Analyse. I would like to again encourage you to go view the long story version. ;->

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I 'plan' on linking this particular posting up to:
'Blogger's Quilt Festival 2011', hosted by Amy, at 'Amy's Creative Side' (http://amyscreativeside.com/)


  1. Your quilt is beautiful! and when you find that it is made from recycled materials, it is even more beautiful. I love to shop at thrift stores for fabric, too. Last year, I found a vintage sheer curtain that I made into a dress for my granddaughter. It was very lovely. I told my daughter in law that Amelia would be like Scarlett O'Hara, wearing the curtains!

  2. Lovely quilt. I love the muted colors and og course the pinwheels.

  3. Your quilt looks lovely. Great idea to recycle. It has worked really well.

  4. Both the quilt and your granddaughter are darling.


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